Emerson unveils new LNG dispensing system

Emerson unveils new LNG dispensing system

Emerson has unveiled its new LNG dispensing system which provides a fully integrated mass balance solution for LNG filing.

The system accurately measures both the supply of LNG to the vehicle and the amount of boil-off gas that is returned to the supply tank with a single transmitter. This provides total fuel usage and results in less unaccounted loss of valuable LNG, reduced emissions, and full environmental compliance.

The LNG Dispensing System incorporates the new LNGM10 Coriolis mass sensor which has been designed and optimized, specifically for LNG. The sensor is well suited for all the challenges of these applications such as large thermal changes, air passing through the line, and vibration, all while boasting a 0,5% mass flow accuracy. Additionally, the sensor uses the first Coriolis electronics called the 820 which can integrate two mass meters (the supply and return) with a single piece of electronics. The electronics also have a built-in safety barrier to prevent damage from power surges.

Emerson new LNG dispensing system

The LNG system was designed with LNG dispensers in mind. The system has a small footprint, easy startup and low maintenance. Quick connectors provide easy wiring to help reduce installation time and also shield the electronics against any moisture ingress. Also, the Modbus connectivity provides all the information needed to the station such as mass/volume flow, density, and advanced diagnostics for process troubleshooting. This solution is fully MID/OIML custody transfer compliant. Please visit the booth or www.emerson.com for more information.

The new Emerson/Micro Motion LNG Dispensing System features:
•Compact design designed specifically for refueling stations.
•Both flow meters seamlessly integrated single transmitter to offer a complete dispensing measurement solution in one compact package
•Full MID/OIML custody transfer compliance
•Liquid and gas measurement accuracy of 0,5%.
•Less components, cabling, and mechanical supports for quick and easy installation and use.

Emerson is the Gold Sponsor of the 4th International LNG Congress, which will take place this June 4-5 in Berlin, Germany. Giuseppe Bernardelli, LNG & Power Business Development Director Flow Europe at Emerson will present his topic “Emerson LNG Dispensing System: a new compact and fully integrated total mass balance solution for LNG dispensers” within Plenary Session on the first day of the Congress. For more information, please visit http://lngcongress.com/

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