Nigeria: TCN Installs Four New Transformers in Mando, Zaria & Kakuri Substations in Kaduna State


TCN has again increased the nation’s grid capacity by 330MVA, with the installation of four (4) additional brand new transformers in Kaduna State, including a 1x150MVA transformer in Mando Substation, 1x60MVA transformer in Zaria substation and 2×60 MVA in its substation in Kakuri. The company also completed the re-conducting of its 132kV Double Circuit Mando – Kaduna Town transmission line, increasing the line capacity from 80MW to 240MW. The Zaria 60MVA transformer has been commissioned by the Honourable Minister of Power works and Housing on June 10th while the others would be commissioned by the Honourable Minister on 11th, June 2018.

In a statement signed by the General Manager (Public Affairs), TCN said that the company is working hard to ensure that it puts in place N-1 capacity in its transmission substations nationwide. With the installation of the new 150MVA 132/33kV power transformer in Mando, the capacity of the substation increased from 540MVA on 330kV level to 690MVA. This has increased power supply to Kaduna DisCo load centers which now has available, more electricity to supply directly to electricity customers in Kaduna Metropolis, Kaduna North and some parts of Kano State.

According to TCN, the additional 1x60MVA power transformer in Zaria Substation increased the substation’s capacity from 140MVA to 200MVA. Consequently, there has been substantial increase in power supply through Kaduna DisCo to electricity customers in Zaria Metropolis and its environs including Makarfi, Soba, Giwa, Pambegua, Ikara (most of Northern Senatorial District of Kaduna State) and parts of Kano State.

The statement further noted that TCN has also installed brand new 2X60MVA power transformers in its transmission substation in Kakuri, increasing the substation’s capacity from 150MVA to 240MVA. This has caused a boost in power supply to Kaduna South which houses several textile industries, whose operations had been hindered by poor electricity supply prior to the new transformers installation.

TCN explained that the consistent and successful investment in various transmission substations nationwide is in line with the Federal Government’s policy on incremental power and TCN’s rehabilitation and expansion programme and expressed appreciation to President Buhari’s administration for its support which has enabled the company achieve so much in a short while.

The successful installation of the Mando, Zaria and Kakuri transformers would bring to Thirteen (13), the number of brand new power transformers successfully installed by TCN within the last four months. With one brand new power transformer each commissioned in Ohiya and Aba Substations, Alimosho, Calabar and Uyo Substations in March and April, 2018, one each also commissioned in Mayo-Belwa, Bauchi and Gombe transmission substations in May, 2018 and one each in Mando and Zaria, with two in Kakuri Transmission Substation.

TCN reiterated its willingness to ensure that it continues to tackle transmission interface issues promptly.

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