Sonnen sets up the biggest solar battery manufacturing plant in Australia

Sonnen sets up the biggest solar battery manufacturing plant Australia

Sydney  – German solar battery firm sonnen is setting up a major manufacturing plant in South Australia that will build 10,000 batteries a year, according to an announcement made know to Oil and Gas Republic.

Up to 40,000 households in South Australia will be eligible for subsidies to install the flat batteries from sonnen under the government’s 100-million-Australian dollar (71-million-US dollar) rebate scheme.

The German solar giant only started operations in Australia in 2016, but has already sold 1,900 battery storage packages. It plans to raise that figure to 50,000 units during the next five years.

Household solar power batteries are booming in Australia. By October, sonnen will have the biggest solar battery manufacturing plant in the country.

The battery plant is being built on the site of a former General Motors Holden car factory near Adelaide and will create 400 jobs, sonnen chief executive Christoph Ostermann told dpa.

“The solar batteries we will produce at this new plant will meet the booming demand for solar power in Australia and also for the Asian-Pacific region,” Ostermann said.

Sonnen has manufacturing plants in Germany and the US, and intends to make the Adelaide plant its central shipping facility for Australia, Asia and the South Pacific region.

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