German forest clearance restarts as energy company probes cyberattack

German forest clearance restarts as energy company probes cyberattack

The clearance of activists’ tree houses from a woodland in western Germany has restarted in earnest after a pause due to the death of a journalist at the site.

In a statement made know to Oil and Gas Republic, German energy company RWE plans to fell part of the Hambach Forest – which is home to centuries-old trees and some protected species – this autumn in order to extend its coal-mining activities in the area.

Over a week ago, authorities began clearing the makeshift camp where anti-coal activists have been living in tree houses for years in an attempt to stop the clearance.

The police action was halted after a journalist fell to his death there on Wednesday.

Some 50 tree houses have been cleared in total so far, according to a police spokesman on Tuesday. About 20 remain.

A memorial for the dead journalist, with flowers and photographs, was also cleared early on Tuesday morning.

RWE said it was investigating a cyberattack that blocked its websites on Monday.

It had submitted a formal complaint but it was not clear who was responsible, a spokesman for the company said. The website was operating normally on Tuesday.

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